When is the time to get employment lawyers?

workplace-lawyersOne of the most important relationships in our lives is how well we navigate all the personalities in the workplace. These include your managers, our peers or our subordinates depending on our job role. When those relationships turn sour we have an option of intermediating those but when have we reached the point where we need services of employment law firms.

You will want to do everything in your power to prevent employment lawyers getting involved however sometimes this is just plain impossible. Deciding a criteria on when the hire an employment law specialist is a fine art however some of the scenarios are more obvious than others. One of those is being threatened by employment termination or perhaps being asked to perform duties at work that are clearly outside your contract of employment.

How about if you’re being harassed or intimidated or bullied at your place of employment; when is it sufficient to talk to your manager (unless he or she is the one causing you grief) or human resources department and when is it satisfactory to talk to the person you are having troubles with and try and negotiate a solution as a conflict resolution method. When would you need workplace mediation services and what do those services entail.
fair work australia employment law
Mediation services can be done internally or externally by qualified and experienced professionals who do not necessarily need to be employment lawyers such as McArdle law firm located in Sydney CBD. They happen to have mediation facilities for employers to use however once again, mediators don’t need to also be solicitors. As with most professional occupations, it is important for mediators to be well versed and experienced in workplace conflict resolution.

Another option before contacting employment law solicitors who can be hired for a fee is to call or visit a Government employment body which in Australia is Fair Work Australia. They claim is that they can help you with your workplace issues and they’re there to give you information and advice about your workplace rights and obligations. This is their website here: http://www.fairwork.gov.au/ they can help you with any existing issues, give you guidance as to what your rights are when it comes to unfair dismissal however you’d be hopping you’ve reached out to them or got other type of legal representation before you’ve been fired from work

It is in your best interest to avoid at all cost getting yourself in a situation where you are in a need of hiring a workplace solicitors as the will cost you money and there is no government reimbursement available nor will your company pay for it – it is an expense paid by you. Always try to work out the best way to conflict resolution at work as it will see your career progressing faster.